Monday, October 10, 2011

Why do I write? By: Me

Before I get going on this, I just want to say, it took me ages to answer such a simple question.  If you were to see the crossings out and annotations all over the draft, you'd be shocked.

Why do I write? I write to ask questions, and answer them.  I write to re-shape things.  I write to turn heads and change minds, to persuade and instigate.  I write to feel like I'm somebody, to pretend I'm a better person than I am; maybe I'm slimmer, smarter, or a crime-fighter.  I write to do and be anything.  
I write to ease my pain, to heighten my joys, to create a better escape my own harsh reality.  
Writing makes me feel like a god.  I control what happens next, who goes where, who lives, who dies, everything.  When I write, I am in control of fate.  
When I write, I can make the seemingly impossible a reality.  When I write, there is a cure for Cancer, love always prevails, life is how I wish it was....everyone I love that has died is still alive, there is no such thing as hate, and everyone has basic human compassion.  (Now a days, that seems like to much to ask for.) 
Writing is like my drug; it numbs me and I pretend I am somewhere else when things are bad.  
When I write, it's like an entire movie, full detail and action flowing from my soul and through my fingertips; my characters leap out of my head and become something real. 
I write to educate, inform, and inspire you to think "What if...?"  I can make you feel anything when I write.  I can make you stand right along side the hero as he commits a crime of passion, I can make you spectate an entire battle, I can make you feel the pain of death, the estecy of love, the betrayal of a friend--all with out you ever leaving current location. 
I write to make magic in the hearts of others.  I write to feel free, I write to feel....real.  I write to feel like I'm not just having some overly long, crazily realistic dream.  I write to be me.
I write to do all this, and to make myself and others see through someone else's eyes, and feel through their heart.

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