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This is where I have decided to put all the AP Lang essays I write that are jut straight-up awesome.  It is difficult to separate things on pages like this, so I'll separate the essays by making the titles different colors.  Game on? GAME ON!

"Should English be made America's Official Language?"
    I think English should be America's official language.  If English is made out national language, everyone will be united through it, it will give Americans a sense of national pride, and it may even decrease racism.
   Other people say that we shouldn't have an "official" language because it would seem like we aren't open to diversity, and that we want to cut off a person's connection to his or her ancestors.  This is not the case at all.  We are open to diversity- America is the biggest melting pot of cultures in the world!  But if we can't communicate through language, how is the country supposed to stay stable?  For example, many Arab countries are united through Islam, their faith.  Their faith calls for all Muslims to learn Arabic so they can study their sacred text, the Quran.  Because these nations are united this way, all the people share a sense of pride, and know they have something in common with the next guy.  America isn't a theocracy, but the same concept  applies with language.    Besides, there is no law that says a person can't speak more than one language.  One can keep that connection and still communicate nation-wide.
  If America has one specific language, it may even decease racism.  This sounds far-fetched, I'll admit it.  But people tend to dislike what they don't understand.  If human beings can't understand each other through language, than we won't understand each other culturally.  If we don't understand each other culturally, then it leads to problems like racism.  If we can unite each other through language, we'll be able to comprehend and tolerate each other.  Personally, I don't want my future kids to grow up in a world that lacks tolerance.  Do you?

"To eliminate or not to eliminate the penny-that is the question."

   "The penny has its fans, especially in Tennessee, which is rich in zinc.  Up until 1982, pennies were made mostly of copper; since then they have been 97.5% zinc." (Source A).  If the penny is eliminated, it will have drastic effects on Tennessee's economy, and the entire US economy in general!  It will hurt our money system, and it will change our culture forever.
   The penny bears the face of one of the most important, inspirational men in America's history- Abraham Lincoln.  "The penny is perhaps the most visible and tangible reminder of Lincoln's significance in American history." (Source F).  If we were to just get rid of the penny, we may as well just get rid of the inspiration that was President Lincoln. We just can't do that to our culture- he had a huge impact, and helped make America what it is today.  We can't just forget that.
    Speaking of forgetting things, we also can't forget that our economy isn't that great right now.  With all the money that we've borrowed from China and who knows where else, we can't afford to throw away money.  A penny may be small. but it really adds up over time.  "An armored car picked up his 4.5 tons of spare change and had it recycled through Coinstar.  That would be 1,308,459 pennies, or $13,084.59." (Source B).  Just imagine what that 13 grand could do for an average person!  Perhaps a down payment on a car, tuition money. the extra boost needed to start a family!  Now imagine that 13 grand was poured into a random suburban town- it could improve schools, roads, public transportation, and all kinds of things!  Now, that 13 grand may not seem like much to some people, but for someone who doesn't have much to begin with?  Its a fortune.
    Just about everyone has heard the phrase "penny pincher".  People who are considered penny pinchers try to save and conserve as much money as they can.  Tons of people do it, so whats the big deal?  In June of 2004, the Harris Pole was conducted among a nationwide cross section of 2,136 adults. (Source E).  IN this pool, the people were asked the amount of money they make per year. This ranged from less that $25,000 to $75,000.  The highest percentage against abolishing the penny was 62% in the less than $25,000 category.  $25,000 doesn't seem too bad, but there are 2 key words in this category; less than.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, a single person that makes about $12,632 is considered to be in poverty.  A family of 3 that makes about $21,495 is considered to be in poverty.  If we eliminate the penny, it will add up.  And once it starts to add up, these struggling families will hurt more than they already do, and our nation will be in a worse condition than it already is.
    "The Brits and the French- even the French!- who have dumped their low-denomination coins 30 years ago, will be laughing at our senseless jingling." (Source C).  This is the main argument of those who want to destroy the penny; their argument is basically "well, other countries are doing it."  That is not an excuse, and it never has been.  This argument is childish!  Its like that idiot teenager that says upon being caught "well everyone else is doing it...." which is usually a down right lie.  The US has never been like other countries, so why start now? These other countries must have decent economies to be able to eliminate to eliminate their pennies, but we just can't afford it.

    Therefore, the US needs to keep and conserve all of its money- only a fool thinks we don't need it.  Don't be that fool- save the penny.  And besides, this country is a pocket looking for some change, and my ideas make lots of cents.

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